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Looking for books on WordPress from the friendly, neighborhood Half-Elf Support Rogue? You're in luck! Most books start at $7.98, but there are discounts galore, including a totally free one. Why the free option? Read my philosophy on pricing. Once you download a book, it's yours forever, no DRMs, no expirations.

There’s not a book for everything, but if it’s about WordPress, I’ve probably got you covered.

When you say “the books are free if you want,” you get a lot of strange looks from people. You’ll get stranger ones when you say the books can be free and never have DRM. I feel strongly about giving back and about making it easy to share, so my books will always have a free option with no content or value removed. That’s right, the book is 100% the same if you pay or use a discount code.

If it's WordPress, it's here

I specialize in WordPress Multisite, I know a lot about plugins, and there may be a death in the pages as well. And don’t worry, those books can be as cheap as free.

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Free? Why yes, there are discount coupons available, and yes, there is the option to pay nothing at all for any and all ebooks. You can call me crazy, you can call me brilliant, but I have a philosophy about sharing.

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Why Don't You Read For Yourself?


WordPress Plugin Support

So you want to write a WordPress plugin? It's not all the documentation and it's not all in the code. This is your cheatsheet to success.



WordPress Multisite 101

Make a WordPress network, save your sanity. This book will give you the tools to install and run a Multisite.



Build Your Own eBookstore

This site may be the bee's knees, but you could have your own WordPress bookstore! Read on how I made this store, with an introduction by Chris Lema.


"You inspire people (by showing them how to do things), and you help people (by fixing things for them)."

Chris Lema