WordPress Multisite 110

By Mika A. Epstein

Updated December 4, 2014
Compatible with WordPress 4.1

Now that you’ve read and mastered WordPress Multisite 101, it’s time for the next step. How to you make your site do all those awesome things everyone else does? How do you bail yourself out when you’ve made a mistake? How do you bail your users out, or stop them from shooting themselves in the foot? Can you say ‘no’ to your users?

While it’s an extension of WordPress Multisite 101, 110 isn’t a supplemental, in fact it’s longer than 101! This is the next step for people who’ve managed to get the site up and running, but want to do a little more. In this ebook, there’s more philosophy and discussion, and fewer direct answers, because now you have to make decisions based on the pros and cons. Are you ready?

If you’re looking for entry level help with Multisite, check out WordPress Multisite 101.

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