My cat, VashtiThis isn’t an ebook or code.

If you’re here, it’s because you know who I am and you want to say thank you, which I totally appreciate like you don’t even know! So since I ran into some … issues with my previous donation set up, I went home grown. You can ‘buy’ a donation (isn’t that fun) here. Pick your poison, pay with PayPal or credit cards. You can thank me for WordPress stuff, or fan site stuff, or Jorja Fox stuff, or because I saved you from being hit by a car (hi, Ben). In return, you’ll get a present!


And to answer the question, “No, smarty pants, you can’t use a discount code for this.” There’s a very nice ‘pick your own price’ model there for you to pick what you want to pay. Who comes to a donate page to donate nothing? However because you’re reading this, there are secret ‘codes’ here like the ‘jaynecobb’ code which takes nothing from nothing, carry the nothing. See? Now you know something no one else did!